Bizarre remedy

A while back my mum advised me to drink charcoal because apparently it helps cure stomach problems- bloating, stomach aches etc. I am having a lot of stomach discomfort heavily bloated and it also feels like I have a wound in there if that makes any sense. I’ve pretty much grown immune to all of the remedies that used to work for me so charcoal was my last hope. I drank my first cup just now


I mixed a teaspoon of the charcoal and added warm water, it has absolutely no taste and soon as I took it something definitely shifted in my stomach (in a good way) and it’s getting better. It’s the most bizarre remedy.

I have pretty much been dozing off the entire night, there’s just  something about purging sessions that just drains all your energy. Tomorrow it’s back to restriction, no excuses. Lately though, I feel like my restriction hasn’t really been more powerful than it used to. I find myself adding more items to eat for a day that I didn’t eat before and somewhere along the road I was starting to convince myself that it’s okay but it’s not, my thighs are evidence of this. Too sleepy to dwell on all this, I’ll save the distress for another day.


10 thoughts on “Bizarre remedy

  1. Glad your stomach is better. And that is a weird remedy lol

    I am like you on starting to eat things I use to not keep down. I would try my best to throw up everything.. I have gained weight :/ I started to tell myself that the food I was keeping wasn’t okay… But, in fact it is okay.. And it’s okay for you too.

    In my recent therapist appointment my therapist asked me why I gained weight. I told her it was because I’m keeping more down and not puking like I should. She then asked me the same question and I had the same response. So, she asked me again… I thought on it a while and answered because I haven’t been eating right and exercising.. That was the right answer.. We aren’t gaining because we aren’t restricting enough or in my case purging like I should; it’s because we aren’t taking the healthy right steps to lose.

      • Maybe because your body is trying to adjust back to normal. It will take time for it to get back.

    • I have never really tried healthy eating after stopping purging its always restriction then falling off the wagon by bingeing so I have agree with you there, it’s the only explanation that makes sense. I don’t exercise not really, I have 2 hour walks twice per week and that’s it. I expect my restriction to cancel out my binges but lately that hasn’t been happening… time to re-think the whole strategy.

      • Yeah, maybe a new plan; a new goal. I started eating lots of veggies.. Very filling and super healthy with almost zero calories.. I use water, onions, few carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, & mushrooms. I put it all in a frying pan on top of the stove and let it cook together with some seasoning on top.. Healthy and good. I usually start my day with it or I do it late at night when I’m done binging and purging the night away lol I sometime add kale but rarely.. Maybe a new strategy is to restrict the restriction and eat healthy foods.. Maybe make a list of foods with the portion sizes that you are comfortable with and make a daily/weekly meal plan. Allow yourself those foods.. My problem is I start eating and can’t stop.. Stupid binges take over and that is then followed by purging… See, when I b/p on healthy foods and don’t get it all I am okay because I know that the food in me is good and healthy, but when I b/p buffets I feel horrible because I know I don’t get it all and that makes me take several laxatives,

  2. And I totally agree that purging drains so much energy. I would be so tired but still find energy to stay up all night (literally) binging and purging and be completely exhausted. I would stay up for a day or two with no sleep and go to work and binge and purge :/

  3. I’m amazed you can drink that! I had to drink charcoal once after a suicide attempt. It was horrible and even the thought of it, 14 years later, makes me feel sick.
    You could do activated charcoal capsules.

  4. I have been advised of activated charcoal capsules helping as well with digestive issues and discomfort. Apparently it can ease a hangover too by absorbing toxins/alcohol etc. Don’t quote me on that though ,it is just what I have been told so it may or may not be true. xx

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