Trip to the dentist

Last week or was it last week but one I went to my dentist appointment but before I could even sign in at reception I looked around got scared and disgusted then bolted, I power walked down the hall then ran down the stairs as if someone was running after me and if they caught me they’d grab my arm tell me that I couldn’t leave then drag me down the hall and fix my teeth by force.

Today though I gathered courage and went to a nicer and cleaner dental clinic, my medical aid isn’t the best package out there so I can’t be picky. Because my decision to go was so sudden I didn’t make an appointment so I was in the waiting room for 4 hours then finally it was my turn. It was almost painless, they did something to fix my bleeding gums but surprisingly my teeth are OK. After all these years of being bulimic there are only minor problems with my teeth  that can be easily fixed.

The anesthetic effect has just worn off, I can still taste blood but can at least drink coffee and have ice-cream. Didn’t have a good “body day” today, I feel massive… even more than usual. Sitting down and looking at my hips I just wanted to run home and binge. At midnight the ice-cream, biscuit and chocolate eating stops, clearly I haven’t been purging all I’ve been bingeing on.


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