Winter is definitely almost ending but before it does end it’s leaving us something to remember it by. It’s about 6°c degrees it’s almost 10am, 2 hours ago mum dropped me off at the library since it’s near her work. I had plans to study all day in there but I had to cancel those plans when 10 minutes after I got out of the car I realised I was too freezing to even walk properly, I was so stiff it felt like my bones were frozen, I couldn’t go into the library for warmth because that place is a cold room so I instead sat in the windy sun for for an hour wishing I had a car so I could just jump in and go home or at least someone to call so they could just take me away. To top that off my runners itched kicked in- what an awful start to a new month.

I am now sitting in the saloon typing this on my phone waiting for my hairdresser, it’s warm in here & I am dreading going back out there when I have to walk across the city centre so I can get a bus and finally go home.


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