I have a friend who is a bit of a prick, he’s the one who reached out to me a year ago and we started talking he told me of his troubles, his dreams and everything in-between. He confided in me about his depression and I have been there as a friend consoling him, while battling my own demons, the blind leading the blind.

After a while I thought it was safe to tell him about my anxiety and depression too… I mean isn’t it how it goes? someone you’ve grown close to tells you about their problem and you tell them you’re in the same boat to create a sense of not being all alone because you identify with each other. After I told him he reversed the topic back to himself (he does that all the time) and made it seem like his mental illness is some type of joke and I was left feeling vulnerable, maybe that’s his way of dealing with things but for a year now I have been a friend who is always there to talk anytime late night phone calls when he’s feeling down & all he wants is to talk about himself and his troubles, it’s infuriating, I feel used. Like clinging on to a one-sided friendship with me doing all the subtle clinging.

I know I can just simply cut him out of my life and not put up with it but I feel sorry him, I just wish he’d reciprocate this friendship but I guess some people are just like that, selfish but in a way I understand.


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