I had been doing well these past two days in terms of not bingeing and purging but I faltered and I had a mini- binge 6 cookies and a huuuuge scone that was  about the size of my head. I want to purge so bad but it’s 3:25am and I have to sleep, tomorrow…well today I have a busy day.., I am going to finish up my essay on thats due today!!

I’m trying to navigate my way around the convoluted and dramatic dating rules, the what is this? What area we? Should I text first? Omg What should say? and so on and so forth… But I am in this 100%, just gotta get over my shyness and more importantly stop asking myself why he wants to be with me, I will walk in the street and start thinking to myself “he could have her, her or even her, so why does he want me…is he blind?”


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