In bed suffering from what are the early stages of a food hangover, what an absolute waste of Friday spent bingeing and purging. I have eaten myself into a state of unbearable nausea as well as a stomach ache-splendid!

It was pretty amazing to catch up with my guy friend and ask him questions from a male perspective as I am in dire need of advice, I am thinking of cutting this guy loose because I don’t see him being on the same page as me, I want someone who will adore my heart, hold my hand squeeze it tight and I’ll just know. Everything is superficial with him, he has never said anything about any of my qualities except my looks (which I think whether they are aesthetically pleasing is debatable)  but then he does a complete 360 and becomes the sweetest teddy bear and it gives me whiplash and I find myself reconsidering. What I know for sure is that I don’t want to prolong the inevitable hurt, whatever we have is headed nowhere just wasting each other’s time since he lives hours away.

I am holding on because of the stories you hear, where they say distance really didn’t matter. I think I got myself into a corner because I have fallen for this person and it happened so fast.  It’s all a bit murky right now in a month’s time I’m confident everything will be clearer and the direction which to take will be apparent.


2 thoughts on “Whiplash

  1. You have every right to have that man that you mentioned early. If your guy isn’t that one than move on. Trust me, no guy who makes you feel bad is worth it. If anything, they make situations like yours and mine (ED’s, anxiety, self-harm) worse! The man I dated before my husband made my ED worse because I couldn’t gain his affections the way I needed to be loved. Good luck with your choice.

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