Emergent need


Trying not to get sad over the thoughts of someone who is not mine, a certain kind of longing… this emergent need of someone I never knew existed is gnawing away at me. I was carefully navigating this thing but here I am dreaming of his smile and it’s killing me because he is away and off the grid  even if he wasn’t away he wouldn’t be here with me since he lives hours away from me so either way the situation is fucked.

Don’t wanna be the girl curled up in bed listening to heartbreaking tunes but here I am…. helplessly longing.


2 thoughts on “Emergent need

  1. The thing I’ve finally come to kinda accept, is that I can’t have a healthy relationship with anyone else until I have a healthy relationship with myself and food. I hope it all works out though.

    • Thanks hope it works out too and I so agree with what you said there is need to create a healthy relationship between yourself and food otherwise the relationship will have 3 people in it in the way an ED can take on some sort of life form… and we all know three is a crowd

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