Oestrogen filled

Too much oestrogen in me and I am not in the driver’s seat, I feel irritable… on the edge like a drug addict scratching away relentlessly. I need my fix, I violently need to consume sugar, I have to have it.

This week has been a blur in all honesty, I am not “in touch” with Bulimia in the sense that I have been engaging in binge purge behaviours but those episodes/rituals haven’t been the major thing I have been focusing on, ED has been in the back burner but she’s still there causing havoc in the background.


3 thoughts on “Oestrogen filled

  1. I’m so sorry you are dealing with this. I wish things would get better for you, because I know how hard an ED can be and mine wasn’t as extreme as some. But I catch myself falling backwards sometimes. Ugh, I know it’s hard. You’re in my thoughts. 🙂

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