Cold in the desert

Tonight I am face to face with my darkness, I have failed to rationalise these emotions so I can’t deny them or tuck them away. All at once tonight, everything I have been repressing surfaced again. My body feels weak like the misery is pulsing in my veins and seeping into my bones and I swear my heart is burning a hole in my chest.

Alone in this, that fine line between alone time and loneliness has overlapped. I wish I had someone to pour my heart out to, I am in need of human touch… a pat on the shoulder, a hug, a cuddle, warmth, understanding and love. I know now that saying I need these things doesn’t mean I am weak, it just makes me human.


2 thoughts on “Cold in the desert

  1. wow. i’m am feeling the same way. last night i was laying in bed and all i wanted was for someone to lay next to me and hold me until i fell asleep. you’re right…it’s not weak…it’s just human.

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