Do Better

I thought a series watching fest with a few biscuits and a few winter chocolates in bed would be splendid but unfortunately I was wrong. I planned out my snack all week actually, I made a date with myself tonight so I could just let go for one night and made sure the portion was one that I could handle but it’s 2:32am now and I’ve been engaging in what I can describe as a dissected binge, eat 3 biscuits then purge and so on and so forth. I’m exhausted, ashamed and just want it to be dawn so tonight’s or rather this morning’s events can fade.

I used to have a cheat day where I could eat anything I wanted on that particular day but would then restrict for the next 6 days. I was good at it for a while.

Dozing off, I’ll do better, if not tomorrow then someday


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