On my online date chronicle

I am still reeling in the aftermath of my first ever online date. I could barely contain myself making my way over to the place. I even made an emergency visit to the salon!

I spotted him from across the street and as he made his way towards me, it felt less grander than what I had envisioned in my head. I felt he looked different from his pictures, he looked tinier, hairier, older. I knew his nationality but when he started speaking out came this heavy Spanish accent and what I felt was nothing. There’s nothing wrong with a Spanish accent at all I just didn’t expect it because I figured his accent would be globalish since he has been travelling his whole life, I can’t explain it but what I had assumed he’d sound like was not what I perceived. I went in for a handshake and he went in for a hug.

He is a gentleman by all accounts, funny, passionate, smart (PhD student) there is an air of easiness about him and he knows how to fill silences. We talked for hours, he kept staring at me like this deep gaze into my eyes, I was still in shock from just meeting someone from the internet in person, it felt so surreal and I could not hold his gaze for more than a few seconds. 3 hours passed and I told him I had to leave, it was getting late anyway. He paid and now feel embarrassed about not at least offering to split the bill.

We got in the same bus and his stop was earlier than mine, there was no form of physical contact of any sort, it didn’t feel romantic but it wasn’t awkward, I felt my personality didn’t get a chance to shine because I was so preoccupied with looking amazing I forgot my personality at home.

He texted me 10 minutes after we parted and we have been in contact everyday since then just like we have been for weeks. He isn’t bad looking however, he is attractive from specific angles, I’m thinking maybe with a shave he could look dreamy? I sound like a horrible person I know. I actually cannot recall what he actually looks like, I have to see him again to make my mind up, I don’t know where to place him exactly in my heart? I guess, friend or romantic interest there are so many things to consider. I realised that I’m shallow and materialistic this weekend.


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